Modifying the Server document of the Sametime Community Server

Add the Administrators Group document (or the name of an individual user) to two fields on the Server document.


  1. Open the Sametime® Administration Tool.
  2. Click LDAP Directory.
  3. Click Add Sametime Administrators - Edit the Server document.
  4. Click Security.
  5. In the "Administrators" section, type the name of the Administrators Group (or of one or more individual administrators) in the Administrators field..
    Note: Type a group name exactly as it appears in the Group document. If you are entering an individual user name in this field, type the user name exactly as it is entered in the topmost entry of the User name field on the Person document. In the Administer the server from a browser field, separate multiple names with commas.
  6. In the Run unrestricted methods and operations field of the "Programmability Restrictions" section, type the Administrators Group name (or an individual user's name). Separate multiple entries in this field with commas.
  7. Click Save & Close.