HCL OneTest API tool packages

To enable HCL OneTest API to work with certain technologies, you must configure the required libraries by using the Library Manager and also install and configure HCL OneTest API tool packages that are provided with HCL® Quality Server.

Installing the tool package

  1. Log in to HCL® Quality Server, open the Tools page and download the required package. Alternatively, copy the package from Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools directory.
  2. Extract the *.zip file into the target location and perform the required configuration tasks as specified in the setup and configuration topics for the technology.
    Warning: Do not extract the contents of the tools package to any of the directories in the Quality_Server_installation_directory/. The files might get deleted during a HCL® Quality Server upgrade.

Tool package list

HCL® Quality Server includes the following tool packages that must be installed and configured to work with the technologies:
Note: Starting from 9.5.0, when a HCL OneTest API tool package containing a registration.xml file is downloaded from the HCL® Quality Server Tools page, the URL used to connect to HCL® Quality Server is configured based on the URL used to request the package. In previous releases, the URL was set statically during the installation of HCL® Quality Server.
Table 1. Tool packages
Tool package list Package path in the installed HCL® Quality Server directory
Design Time Library for private process testing in TIBCO Designer Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/TIBCO/BusinessWorks/TIBCOBusinessWorks.zip
API Exits for IBM® WebSphere® MQ (non z/OS®) Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/IBM/WebSphereMQ/dist/IBMWebSphereMQdist.zip
Setting up IBM WebSphere MQ and installing the HRVMMQF agent Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/IBM/WebSphereMQ/z/IBMWebSphereMQz.zip
Action Templates for CentraSite ActiveSOA Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/SoftwareAG/Centrasite/SoftwareAGCentrasite.zip
CICS® Transaction Gateway exit Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/IBM/CICS/TransactionGateway/IBMCICSTransactionGateway.zip
CICS® Transaction Server Agent Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/IBM/CICS/TransactionServer/IBMCICSTransactionServer.zip
JDBC drivers Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/Java/JDBC/JDBCIntercept.zip
Java virtualization agent Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/Java/Agent/JavaAgent.zip
SAP IDoc ABAP plugin Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/SAP/ABAP/SAPABAP.zip
Adapter for Software AG webMethods Integration Server Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/SoftwareAG/webMethods/SoftwareAGwebMethods.zip
Mediator for WebSphere® Application Server Service Integration Bus Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/IBM/WebSphereSIBus/IBMWebSphereSIBus.zip
Plug-in for Jenkins Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/CI/Jenkins/CIJenkins.zip
HCL® Quality Server Apache Ant tasks Quality_Server_installation_directory/tools/CI/AntClient.zip
Note: Starting from 9.1.1, the Ant Client file was renamed to AntClient.zip from RTCPAntClient.zip.