Logging in and out

After the HCL® Quality Server process is started , you can log in to HCL® Quality Server.

Before you begin

The administrator must start the server or if it is installed as a service, the service must be running. For information about starting the server, see Starting and stopping HCL Quality Server.


To log in:
  1. Open a web browser and enter a URL of the following format: https://localhost:Port Number Specified During Installation of the server/RTCP/
    • If you are using Windows, click Start > (All) Programs > HCL OneTest > HQS - Home Page.
    • If you are using HCL OneTest API, and you click Open next to the URL field on the Server Settings tab of the Project Settings window, the default web browser of your computer opens and HCL® Quality Server default URL displayed in the browsers address bar. You can edit the default URL before clicking Open.

      If the server's built-in security functionality is enabled , the server Login screen is displayed. If security is not enabled, the servers application window is displayed and there is no need to enter any login details. For information about HCL® Quality Server security, see Managing users.

  2. In the Username and Password fields, enter a user name and password.
    The user name and password that you must enter will depend on the security model option that was selected and configured while installing the server. For example, if you installed the server and the servers built-in security functionality is enabled, you should enter the user name and password that you entered during installation.
    Note: For information about changing default passwords and adding more users, refer to Creating users and Modifying users.
  3. Click Log in.

    The servers application window is displayed.

    During initial login after the server is installed, the software runs in reduced functionality mode (as indicated by a banner) until a valid HCL® Quality Server license key is entered.

    After entering a valid HCL® Quality Server license key, HCL® Quality Server Home page changes.
    Note: The Environments icon and Environments link are displayed on the application window only if your HCL® Quality Server license entitles you to use HCL OneTest Virtualization.

Logging out

About this task

To log out:


  1. Click LOGOUT on the upper right corner of the server application window.
  2. On the confirmation window, click OK
    Note: If servers security functionality is disabled, LOGOUT is not displayed, so quitting your web browser enables you to quit the server application.
    Note: If you have installed the server as a Windows service, you cannot execute the shutdown.bat option from the command line to stop the services. Use the Stop option for HCL Quality Server from the Windows services window.