Deleting environments

This topic explains how to delete environments.

About this task

Note: If stubs are running in the environment that you want to delete, you will be prompted to stop the stubs first. Also, if a running HCL OneTest API Agent or Proxy is registered specifically for that environment, you cannot delete the environment.

To delete an environment:


  1. Log into HCL® Quality Server.
  2. Click the Administration navigation link.

    Alternatively, click the Administration icon on the Home page.

    The Administration page is displayed.

  3. Click the Domains and environments tab.

    The Domains and environments tab is displayed.

  4. Select a domain from the list and click Environments.
  5. In the list of environments on the right side of the Domains and environments tab, click the red X button () next to the environment that you want to delete.

    A confirmation prompt is displayed with the following message: You are about to delete this environment. You cannot restore a deleted environment. Do you want to continue?

  6. Click Yes to proceed.
    The selected environment is deleted.
    Note: All stubs that are previously published to the deleted environment are also deleted. For information about deleting stubs, refer to Deleting stubs.

    In case the environment you are trying to delete includes one or more proxy rules, or contains tests, stubs, recording sessions, or topology discovery sessions that are running on an agent or in HCL OneTest API, another confirmation prompt is displayed; you can either override the dependencies and continue with the deletion, or cancel the operation.