Deleting stubs

This topic explains how to delete stubs.

About this task

Only an HCL® Quality Server administrator can delete stubs from HCL® Quality Server after they are published.

Deleting a domain also deletes all stubs that were published to that domain (for information about deleting domains, refer to Deleting domains). You can delete a particular version of a particular published project, which deletes all the stubs of that version from that project.


  1. Log into HCL® Quality Server.
  2. Click the Administration navigation link.

    Alternatively, click the Administration icon on the Home page.

    The Administration page is displayed.

  3. Click the Domains and environments tab.

    The Domains and environments tab is displayed.

  4. In the list of domains on the left side of the Domains and environments tab, click the domain where the stub (that you want to delete) is published.
  5. Click Projects to display the Projects page.
  6. Click the Delete icon next to the project and version that you want to delete.

    A confirmation dialog is displayed.

  7. Click Yes.

    The selected version of the selected project is deleted. A status message is displayed to confirm this.