Modifying HCL OneTest Virtualization project results database settings

This topic explains how to modify HCL OneTest Virtualization Project Results Database settings.

Stubs that are run in HCL OneTest Virtualization can log information to a project results database. (The log level is configurable.) Logging is most useful when stubs are being designed in HCL OneTest API but it can also be useful after a stub has been published to ensure that it is working correctly.

The following topics discuss why you might want to modify project results database settings and describe how to modify the settings at domain level.

Note: Project results databases cannot be defined at environment level.

Reasons for modifying database settings

When a stub is being designed and run within HCL OneTest API, it logs to HCL OneTest API Console output and to the configured project results database. This enables HCL OneTest API users to use the Results Gallery perspective to analyze the stubs output. If there is no configured results database, the stubs output can be viewed only in HCL OneTest API Console output.

When a stub is published, the project results database settings is published with it. The stubs initial log level in HCL OneTest Virtualization is selected in HCL OneTest API at the point when it is published but this can be overridden when the stub is started.

If the stub is configured to log, in the absence of any other configuration values, the stub will attempt to connect back to the project results database defined in the HCL OneTest API/HCL OneTest Virtualization project if such a database was defined.

Whether a project database exists depends on the stubs required behavior. A project results database may not have been defined, so stub logs will be available only on the Console output of the agent(s) where they are running.

Alternatively, a project results database may have been defined but it can be running on a computer that cannot be accessed by HCL OneTest Virtualization. In addition, if multiple stubs are published to a single domain with different project results databases, the logs will be split across those databases.

Therefore, it is possible to configure a single project results database to for all stubs within a domain. After configuring such a database, all stubs running in that domain will use that database for their logs.