Enabling and disabling domain-level security

If you are an HCL® Quality Server system administrator, you can enable and disable domain-level security.

About this task

Domain-level security enables the creation of domain administrators who can control which users have access to specific domains and the level of that access.
Note: Domain-level security is supported only by or later. By default, domain-level security is not enabled.

Before or after implementing domain-level security, you can create and assign security tokens to individual users.


  1. Log into HCL® Quality Server.
  2. Click the Administration navigation link.

    Alternatively, click the Administration icon on the Home page.

    The Administration page is displayed.

  3. Click the Security tab.

    The Security tab is displayed.

  4. To enable domain-level security, click Enable.


After enabling domain-level security, you can grant other HCL® Quality Server users access to specific domains and specify the level of that access.

If you want to disable domain-level security, click Disable on the Security tab.