Creating domains with HCL® Quality Server method

This topic explains how to create domains using the HCL® Quality Server method.

About this task

To use HCL® Quality Server to create a domain:


  1. Log into HCL® Quality Server.
  2. Click the Administration navigation link.

    Alternatively, click the Administration icon on the Home page.

    The Administration page is displayed.

  3. Click the Domains and environments tab.

    The Domains and environments tab is displayed.

  4. In the New domain field, enter the name of the new domain.
  5. Click Add.

    The new domain is created.

    The domain is added to the list of domains on the Domains and environments tab and a Details page is displayed on the tab to enable you to enter additional information about the new domain (if you want).

    Clicking Environments displays the Environments page, which enables you to view a listing of the environments (if any) in the currently selected domain.

    Note: You cannot use the Environments page to create an environment for a new domain or to associate an existing environment with a new domain because it is read-only. Instead, environments are created automatically when stubs are published from HCL OneTest Virtualization or when an HCL OneTest API Proxy or Agent registers with HCL® Quality Server specifying an environment name.

    Clicking Projects displays the Projects page, which enables you to view a listing of the HCL OneTest API projects (if any) where any stubs in the currently selected domain have been published.

  6. Optional: In the Description field on the Details page, enter a description for the new domain.
    Note: The contents of the Description field are viewable only within HCL® Quality Server. The contents of the field are not used by, or viewable in, HCL OneTest API.
    Note: You can also specify a results database for the new domain. (For information about this, refer to Modifying HCL OneTest Virtualization project results database settings.)