Navigating the user interface

After you log in to HCL® Quality Server, the landing page is displayed. You can navigate around the user interface and use various pages to view schedules, agents, test results, environments, recorded events, and to handle administrative tasks such as managing users, domains, and security.

You can navigate across pages in either of the following ways:
  • Initially, click any icon on the landing page. See the following table for details.
  • Click any link in the Menu options displayed in the navigation bar or as options when the menu link is clicked depending on the window size in your browser.
Note: The content on each of the pages is filtered based on the selected domain. For information about domains, see Managing domains.
Icon Function
image of the Environments icon


Opens a page that shows the published stubs in the selected domain. You can view the details of the stubs, activities, logs, and configurations of each of the stubs. You can sort and filter for any text displayed for the stub cards on the Environments Dashboard. You can also view the scenarios created in that environment. For more information, see Managing environments.



Opens a page that shows test and suite results from all configured results database. Results databases can be configured manually through the Administration page, or indirectly, from published HCL OneTest API projects. For more information, see Viewing results in HCL Quality Server.



Opens a page that shows a list of recorded events that are exported from HCL OneTest API to HCL® Quality Server. For more information, see Managing recorded events data.



Opens a page that lists all the scheduled tests and suites. On this page, you can delete or run scheduled tests and suites. Scheduled tests can be repeating tests. On this page, you can also prevent a test from running at the scheduled time by using the Pause option. To run the tests and suites again at their next recurring scheduled time, you use the Resume option. You can schedule tests from HCL OneTest API.

For more information about scheduling tests from HCL OneTest API, see Running or scheduling the running of a test.



Opens a page that shows the usage statistics of virtual services across HCL OneTest Virtualization and HCL OneTest API. For more information, see Viewing usage statistics of virtual services in HCL Quality Server.

Note: When domain-level security is enabled, the Usage page is only visible to users with the HCL® Quality Server system administrator role. When LDAP or Active Directory is in use, the system administrator role is assigned to user groups by the user who installs the HCL® Quality Server. For more information about domain-level security, see Security considerations for HCL Quality Server.
Network icon


Opens a page that shows a list of network rules that are registered with HCL® Quality Server, you can view the details of the rules by expanding the rule card. For detailed information, see Viewing recording or routing rules.

Infrastructure icon


Opens a page that lists all agents and proxies registered with HCL® Quality Server. For detailed information, see Agent and Proxy administration.

For information about how an agent registers with HCL® Quality Server, see Registering HCL OneTest API Agent with HCL Quality Server.

For information about how various proxies register with HCL® Quality Server, refer to the following topics:


Opens a page on which you can do the following tasks:
Note: The numbers of tabs displayed on the Administration page depends on whether you are a server administrator or a "normal" user.


Opens a page that lists the HCL OneTest API tool packages that must be installed and configured on the host systems to enable HCL OneTest API to work with other technologies, for example, the supported transports. For more information, see HCL OneTest API tool packages.


Opens a collection of example APIs that can be used when learning to use HCL OneTest API.
Other useful functions

User name navigation link

If the built-in security model of HCL® Quality Server is used, you can change the login password at any time irrespective of your user privileges. For details, see Changing your login password and default domain and Security model.
Help navigation link
  • Examples link: Displays details of the web service and REST examples that are supplied with HCL® Quality Server.

  • Help link: Opens HCL OneTest API product documentation in the Knowledge Center.

  • About link: Displays software version information.

Support for standard web browser functionality

  • You can use the Back and Forward buttons of a web browser for navigation.
  • You can bookmark most areas of the user interface for quick access to common locations. For example, if you regularly use a particular stub on the Environments Dashboard, you bookmark it. By using the bookmark, you can directly open the stub in the Environments Dashboard without you having to click the Environments icon or link on the landing page.
  • Information in most pages is refreshed in the background whenever changes are made. To manually reload a page, click the Reload icon on your browser.