Managing recorded events data

HCL® Quality Server can be used to manage and share recorded events data exported from HCL OneTest API.

The Library page of HCL® Quality Server enables you to search, view, edit, delete, and thus manage recorded events data captured in the Recording Studio perspective and exported from HCL OneTest API. You can also use the Library page to share your recorded events data with other users of the same instance of HCL® Quality Server.

You can import recorded events data from HCL® Quality Server into your HCL OneTest API project and use it to create tests and stubs. Other users in the same instance of HCL® Quality Server can also edit and delete your recorded events data, and import the data into their HCL OneTest API projects.

Note: There are limitations with importing recorded events into a project that is different from the project from which they were exported. .
Note: You cannot import or export recorded events data from within HCL® Quality Server. HCL OneTest API is the only application that can be used to import and export recorded events.