Creating a stub that manages multiple operations using recorded messages

Create a stub with multiple operations by using the Recording Studio perspective. Such a stub is required if you need to share state across several operations.

About this task

For more information about stubs with multiple operations, see Stubs with multiple operations. For more information about recording, see Using the Recording Studio.


  1. In the Recording Studio perspective, monitor one of the following sources:
    • A transport that has multiple operations
    • Two or more operations
  2. Generate events for multiple operations.
  3. Highlight the events, right-click, and click Save Stub.
  4. Complete the Recorded Events wizard, making sure that the Operation Assignment page shows multiple operations.
    The wizard shows Add and Subtract operations.
  5. The new stub opens in the stub editor. Set the guard conditions so that appropriate responses are returned to the requests that the stub receives.
    Separate events are generated for each request and response for each operation.
    The wizard shows separate events for the operations.


When you run the stub, HCL OneTest API generates a separate stub process for each operation.