Installing the webMethods Integration Server adapter package

To run HCL OneTest API tests, you must install the HCL OneTest API webMethods Integration Server adapter package on every webMethods Integration Server.

Before you begin

  • If the adapter package file name changed for your version, the old package must be removed from the inbound directory and unloaded by using the webMethods administration console before proceeding.
  • Ensure that the files protobuf-javame-1.1.1.jar and gh-processor-71.jar from earlier versions are removed from the wM_HOME\IntegrationServer\lib\jars directory. Failure to do so will prevent the newer version of package code from executing. The Integration Server must be stopped to delete these files.


  1. Download and extract the webMethods Integration Server adapter package,, that is provided with HCL® Quality Server. For more information, see HCL OneTest API tool packages.
  2. Copy the file from the downloaded SoftwareAGwebMethods adapter package to the inbound directory in the webMethods installation directory.
    • webMethods Integration Server Version 8.2 to Version 9.5: The inbound directory location is wM_HOME\IntegrationServer\replicate\inbound
    • webMethods Integration Server Version 9.6 onwards: The inbound directory location is wM_HOME\IntegrationServer\instances\default\replicate\inbound
  3. Ensure that the webMethods Integration Server is running. Install the inbound package by using the Integration Server Administrator console.
    1. To install the adapter package, log in to the webMethods Integration Server Administrator page.
    2. Click Packages > Management > Install Inbound Releases.
    3. In the Install Inbound Releases page, select the GreenHat package and click Install.
    4. To verify that the package is installed correctly, click Return to Package Management and see that the GreenHat package is listed. Also, verify that the files protobuf-javame-1.1.1.jar and gh-processor-71.jar are added to the wM_HOME\IntegrationServer\instances\default\packages\GreenHat\code\jars directory.
    For more information about the installation of packages in the webMethods Integration Server, see webMethods Integration Server Administrator's Guide
    Note: If the package is not installed automatically, create an IBM subdirectory in the inbound directory on the Integration Server. Extract the package into that directory and load the package from the new directory.
  4. In webMethods Designer, select File > Sync Document Types > All Out-of-Sync.

    The broker documents that are out of sync are listed.

  5. Select all of the HCL® items and synchronize the broker documents.

What to do next

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