Managing webMethods recorders

To manage webMethods recorders, you must configure the integration by changing values in a properties file.

About this task

You can manage webMethods recorders through the properties set in the file. This file is installed with the HCL OneTest API webMethods Integration Server adapter package. The file is installed in the following directory:
webMethods Integration Server InstallationDirectory/IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages/GreenHat/config


  1. To change the option for using the webMethods Broker when you record, modify the useBroker property.
    The property has the following possible values:
    Use the broker capability of webMethods to help record Integration Server events (default).
    Bypass the webMethods Broker and dispatch events from IS directly.
  2. If you decide to use webMethods broker support when you record Integration Server events, then you can change how the broker is used by modifying the publishLocal property.
    The property has the following possible values:
    Messages are managed locally within webMethods Broker before they are sent to HCL OneTest API (default).
    Messages are managed externally through webMethods Broker so that they can be seen and managed explicitly by users.
  3. To control the maximum size of a message that will be recorded and stubbed, modify the maxMessageSize property. The value is the maximum message size in KB that should be captured through recording or stubbing. A value of zero indicates no limit.

What to do next

After you change the file, you must restart webMethods Integration Server for the changes to take effect.