Setting up webMethods Integration Server

To integrate Software AG webMethods Broker and webMethods Integration Server with HCL OneTest API, configure the required webMethods libraries through the Library Manager and deploy certain HCL OneTest API files to webMethods Integration Server.

The correct version of the HCL OneTest API webMethods Integration Server adapter package must be configured on each Software AG webMethods Integration Server where you intend to run HCL OneTest API tests.

The following components are used in webMethods Integration Server testing:
Communicates with the services that are included in Integration Server, namely synchronization, schema creation, virtualization, and testing services.
HCL OneTest API webMethods Integration Server adapter package
Acts as an interface between HCL OneTest API and the other packages that are installed on Integration Server. This package also contains the GHProcessor.jar file that is used for recording and virtualizing services within Integration Server.

HCL OneTest API uses random available ports to communicate with Integration Server.

Integration Server logs contain the following information:
  • Start-up messages
  • Notification that the stub has been triggered instead of the live service
  • Any error messages that are generated