Installed directories

When you install HCL OneTest API, the following directories are created and populated under the installation directory.

Directory Contents
config Configuration and template files for charts, reporting, projects, and test plans
configuration System configuration files
docs HCL OneTest API product documentation (PDFs)
dropins User-created plug-in files
examples Example files for the FormatDate custom function
externalSchemaCache Search location for schema files that can be accessed frequently but might not be accessible from the client computer
features Version information for installed features/plug-ins
jre Bundled Java runtime environment
license Licensing files
lum Licensing files
p2 Eclipse files
plug-ins HCL OneTest API transport plug-in JAR files
properties (Used by IBM Tivoli® software.)
scripts SQL scripts
tools More tools
uninstall Files for uninstalling HCL OneTest API