Installing and configuring the CICS® Transaction Server Agent on z/OS®

To install the CICS® Transaction Server (TS) Agent, download the files from HCL® Quality Server system to the z/OS® system and then configure the files for the exit.

Before you begin

The CICS® Transaction Server (TS) Agent is supported on CICS® TS versions 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, and 5.2. One set of XMIT files are provided. The XMIT files that support CICS® 4.1 and above are prefixed RIT.CICS.

The function of the CICS Transaction Server Agent has not changed in this release. If you are currently using the 10.0.0 or later version, you do not need to upgrade to the 10.0.2 or later version.


  1. Download and extract the CICS® Transaction Server Exits package,, that is provided with HCL® Quality Server into a temporary folder.
    For information about the package, see HCL OneTest API tool packages.
  2. Use FTP to transfer the CICS® XMIT files in the temporary folder to MVS on the z/OS® system.
    1. Using the command line on the system where you extracted the files, go to the temporary folder.
    2. Enter the following command:

      ftp hostname

    3. Enter your MVS TSO user ID and password.
    4. Enter the following commands:


      quote site CYL PRI=2 SEC=2 recfm=fb lrecl=80 blksize=3200




      where userid is your TSO user ID.
  3. Unpack the data set.
    1. Under ispf (option 6), open the TSO command window. Then, enter the following command:

      receive indsn(RIT.CICS.PROC.XMIT)

    2. When you are prompted for the restore parameters, enter the following text:


    3. Enter the following command:

      receive indsn(RIT.CICS.LOAD.XMIT)

    4. When you are prompted for the restore parameters, enter the following text:


    5. Enter the following command:

      receive indsn(RIT.CICS.LOADLIB.XMIT)

    6. When you are prompted for the restore parameters, enter the following text:


    Three data sets are created with names in the following format:
    • userid.RIT.CICS.PROC
    • userid.RIT.CICS.LOAD
    • userid.RIT.CICS.LOADLIB
  4. Configure the CICS® TS Agent by following the instructions that are supplied in the README file.

What to do next

To complete the CICS® exit installation, define resources in CICS® as described in Defining resources and starting the CICS Transaction Server Agent.