Location configuration for signing Internet-style (S/MIME) mail

You can view your Internet mail address information.

Choose File > Security > User Security (Macintosh OS X users: Notes > Security > User Security), click Mail, click the "Internet-style Mail Options" button, click the "Certificate Configuration" button, then click the "More Signing Configuration" button.

Your Internet mail address is recorded in your current location document. You may have different Internet addresses for different locations. If you want to change your Internet address in your location documents, do any of the following:

  • Enter the new Internet address in the "Internet mail address (for this location)" field to change the address for your current location. To use the same Internet address for all of your location documents, verify the Internet mail address entered in the "Internet mail address (for this location)" field (if the address is wrong, enter a new one in the field, click OK, then click "More Signing Configuration" to apply your new mail address), click the "Edit Other Locations" button, select the address you want copied to every location, and then click the "Copy the selected address to all list entries" button.
  • Click the "Edit Other Locations" button, double-click the Internet mail address you want to change, and then enter the Internet mail address in the field that appears.

About your Internet mail address in the Domino® Directory and in your certificates

Your Internet mail address shown in the "Internet mail address (for this location)" field should match the email address represented in your default signing certificate, shown below your Internet mail address. If your Internet address differs from your email address represented in your certificate, you can change it in your location document to match your signing certificate. If your default signing certificate Internet mail address is wrong but you have another certificate in your User ID that is the right one to use, you can change your default signing certificate.

If your Internet mail address listed in the HCL Domino® Directory differs from the email address listed in your signing certificate, and you want them to stay that way, you can prevent your administrator from updating your location document. If your administrator runs a tool to update your location document, it may overwrite your Internet address. To prevent updates to your location document, select "Prevent administrator updates to Internet mail address (at this location)" under "Compare your Internet mail address with your email name in the Domino® Directory."

If the Internet mail address specified in your certificate is incorrect (if it is misspelled or contains an old address which has changed since it was issued), you should apply for a new Internet certificate. If your administrator issued the original one to you, then you should request a new certificate from him or her. If your Internet certificate was obtained through a third-party vendor, in most cases, you will need to repeat the steps which you used to apply for the original one. Please contact your third-party vendor for more information.