Internet-style Notes mail options

You can configure your Internet certificates for sending and receiving secure mail with people outside of HCL Notes®.

Choose File > Security > User Security (Macintosh OS X users: Notes > Security > User Security), click Mail, click the "Internet-style Mail Options" button, and then click the "Certificate Configuration" button. See Certificate configuration for Internet-style (S/MIME) mail for more information.

To send secure mail to people outside of Notes®, MIME format must be enabled in your location document. To enable MIME format in the location document you are currently using, select "Use MIME format (at this location) for sending mail to Internet addresses" under "MIME format for sending mail."

To enable MIME in other location documents, click the Locations button, and see Edit locations (format for sending mail to Internet addresses) for more information.

To receive secure mail by way of your Internet certificates from people outside of Notes® and Notes® users, click the "Incoming Mail" button, and see Incoming mail for more information.