To delete your Notes pending public keys

If you have HCL Notes® pending keys that you do not need anymore, you can delete the keys from your User ID. You get Notes® pending keys when you request new Notes® public keys. The reason you might not need your Notes® pending keys any longer is if you've decided to not update your Notes® certificates with new public keys. In this case, pending keys have not yet been used for any purpose, therefore it is safe to delete them, assuming you definitely don't want to complete your request for new public keys.

About this task

When you delete a saved key you are deleting the set, which is one domestic key and one international key.


  1. Click File > Security > User Security (Macintosh OS X users: Notes > Security > User Security).
  2. Click Your Identity > Your Certificates.
  3. Select Your Notes® Saved Keys from the drop-down list.
  4. Select the pending key you want to delete, and click Other Actions > Delete from ID file.