Examining certificates

You can examine your certificates from your Contacts.

To examine your certificates, open your Contacts and from the view pane, and choose Advanced > Certificates. Select and open the document of the Internet or HCL Notes® certificate or cross certificate, click the "Edit Certifier" or "Edit Certificate" button, then click the "Examine Internet Certificate(s)" or "Examine Notes® Certificate(s)" button.

Examining a certificate allows you to view details about a particular Notes® or Internet certificate located in your Contacts. For more information about some of the certificate details, see Advanced certificate details.

You can also view details about certificates you own by choosing File > Security > User Security (Macintosh OS X users: Notes > Security > User Security), then clicking Your Identity > Your Certificates. See Certificates in your ID file for more information about the certificates displayed in User Security.

Internet certificates

When examining an Internet certificate you have the following options:

  • Click the Delete button to delete the Internet certificate from your Contacts.
    CAUTION: If you delete an Internet certificate from your Contacts, you will lose all access privileges that you were given from that particular certificate. It is recommended that you contact your administrator before deleting any certificate.
  • Click the "Set As Default for Encryption" button to set Notes® to retrieve the Internet certificate by default when a certificate is needed to encrypt data that is intended for you.