Edit locations (format for sending mail to Internet addresses)

HCL Notes® Internet-style mail uses secure MIME (S/MIME) protocols for sending and receiving encrypted and signed mail. Internet-style Notes® mail is required to secure mail to people over the Internet, and is optional to secure your mail to other Notes® users.

To choose which locations should use MIME format for outgoing mail, choose File > Security > User Security (Macintosh OS X users: Notes > Security > User Security), click Mail, click the "Internet-style Mail Options" button, then click the Locations button under "MIME format for sending mail."

Select either Rich Text Format or MIME Format in the corresponding column to the left of the location name. You can only select one format for each location. If you frequently send mail to people over the Internet, it is recommended to use MIME format. But, if you send mail only to other Notes® users, it is recommended to use Rich Text Format, which is the default.

To enable MIME format in every location listed, click the "Select MIME at all locations" button. To enable Rich Text Format in every location that supports rich text, click the "Select Rich Text at all locations that support rich text" button.

Note: You cannot remove MIME format if your location document is set to send mail directly to the Internet. The ability to uncheck using MIME format is grayed out. To not send mail directly through the Internet, open your current location document in edit mode, click Mail, and change the field "Send outgoing mail" to "through Domino® server."