Encryption certificate configuration for Internet-style (S/MIME) mail

You can view details about your encryption certificate, used for mail with people outside of HCL Notes® and for mail from Notes® users if you are configured to receive Internet-style (S/MIME) mail.

Click File > Security > User Security (Macintosh OS X users: Notes > Security > User Security), click Mail, click the Internet-style Mail Options, click Certificate Configuration, then click Encryption Certificate Configuration.

If you have an encryption certificate in the HCL Domino® Directory, you can view the details of the certificate by clicking Encryption Certificate Details.

If you have an encryption certificate listed in the Domino® Directory, but it's not the one that you prefer using, you can change your preferred encryption certificate in the Domino® Directory if you have access to edit your person record. Open your person record in Edit mode, click the Examine Internet Certificate(s), select the certificate you want to use, and then click Set As Default For Encryption.

If you do not have an encryption certificate listed in the Domino® Directory, Encryption Certificate Details is grayed out and a warning is posted explaining that you cannot receive Internet-style (S/MIME) encrypted mail from Notes® users. This problem will not prevent you from receiving encrypted Notes® mail from other Notes® users who have access to your Domino® Directory, unless you have specified that all of your incoming mail should be in MIME format. For information on certificate details, see Advanced certificate details. For information on setting your mail format preference, see Incoming mail.

You can compare your Internet mail address with your certificate's email address. Your Internet mail address shown in the "Internet email name in Domino® directory" field should match the email address represented in your encryption certificate.

If you see a warning displayed about your encryption certificate and need your administrator's help, click the "Contact Administrator" button to send a mail message to your administrator.