Your Notes® and Internet names

You can view all the names that identify you in Notes®.

Choose File > Security > User Security (Macintosh OS X users: Notes > Security > User Security), and then clicking Your Identity > Your Names.

User name

Your User name is the name that Notes® recognizes when you login to Notes® and access servers, databases, and documents. It is in hierarchical format, which means your common name and your certificate authority's (CA) name makes up your User name. Your common name is usually your first, middle, and surname. The CA is the entity that created the certificates in your User ID. For example, if your User name is Joe User/ACME, Joe User is your common name and ACME is your CA's name.

Your User name is contained in your certificates, which give you access to Notes® servers in your HCL Domino® domain. Your User name also represents you in Access Control Lists and Execution Control Lists. If you would like to change your Notes® User name, see Requesting a new User Name. Your administrator changes your name, and can also change your alternate user name, short name alias, and Internet email name at the same time.

Alternate user name

You may have an alternate user name, which is equivalent to your User name. Most often, an alternate user name is a User name in a language other than English in an alternate character set.


Aliases are often shortcuts of your User name that can be used in any Notes® application in which directory lookup and type-ahead are supported, such as mail. For example, the Notes® User name Jack M Smith/LOC/ACME could have an alias of Jack M Smith and Jack Smith. A mail message sent to Jack Smith would route to Jack M Smith/LOC/ACME. Unlike the Notes® User name and alternate name, aliases cannot appear in Access Control Lists and Execution Control Lists.

Internet email Name

Users who are not Notes® users can identify you with your Internet email Name and send mail to it. See your administrator for other Internet email names that may be supported for you.