Unable to open Name and Address Book (names.nsf) due to error <error>. Locations cannot be used until the problem has been corrected.

What happened

NAMES.NSF is the default file name for your Contacts file. You attempted to open HCL Notes® while NAMES.NSF was specified in the Local address books field on the Mail page of the User Preferences dialog box. Or, while using Notes® away from the office, you may have chosen File > Mobile > Call Server, or some other command that causes Notes® to check your Contacts file for server Connection documents.

Notes® either found no file of that name in the expected directory or didn't recognize the one you have installed, which may be corrupted.

What you can do

Check your operating system to see that NAMES.NSF still exists and has not been renamed or moved to a different directory from the one specified.

Note: If you remember specifying a different file name for your address book in User Preferences, make sure that file is where Notes® expects to find it.

If it does exist, and you don't have a backup of NAMES.NSF, in Notes® on another computer, you can create a new address book with File > Application > New, using the Contacts template (Personal Address Book - PERNAMES.NTF). Then you can move the file to the computer where you saw the message. Ask your Domino® administrator for assistance if necessary.