Unable to load DESKTOP6.NDK. The file is damaged, obsolete, or intended for a different operating system. Delete the file and create a new desktop?

What happened

Your DESKTOP6.NDK file, which contains the list of icons appearing on your desktop and any private folders or views you may have, is invalid for the operating system you're using. The file may be corrupt, intended for an earlier release of Notes®, or may be a copy of a DESKTOP6.NDK file for HCL Notes® on a different operating system (for example, Windows® instead of Macintosh).

Note: Keep a backup of your DESKTOP6.NDK file.

What you can do

  • If you have a backup copy of DESKTOP6.NDK, click No. Then, using your operating system, replace the copy in your Notes® data directory with the backup copy and restart Notes®.
  • If you have no backup copy, click Yes. Notes® will automatically create a new DESKTOP6.NDK file. Then choose File > Application > Open to restore all the icons you want to your bookmarks.