Object Server Failed to Create New Object

What happened

In an HCL Notes® document in edit mode, you attempted to paste or create an OLE object.

Possible causes for the message include:

  • The OLE server application was moved, deleted, or damaged.
  • You selected the wrong type of file for the application you selected (for example, for Lotus® Ami Pro, you selected some type of file other than a *.SAM file).
  • You selected a file that's too large for the operation.
  • Memory is low.

What you can do

Make sure the OLE server application is properly installed, and that you're selecting the right type of file to go with it. Try to make more memory available by closing unnecessary windows and exiting applications you're not using.

If you still see the message, check the size of the file and see if you can make it smaller in the server application, or copy a portion of the file and create a new, smaller file.