A Java applet is attempting to execute the following action which does not fit within your security profile

What happened

The designer of the HCL Domino® application you are using included a Java applet. This applet is attempting to perform a task in the application, such as editing documents, which is not listed as an accepted task in your security preferences.

What you can do

Look at the signature next to Signed by. If the designer of the application is internal to your organization and you are comfortable with having the application changed by that person or group, click Trust Signer. Clicking this button will allow all Java applets to run in this application without showing this error message.

If you need to continue using the application but are not sure about allowing it to be changed by Java applets in the future, click Execute Once. Then ask your administrator for assistance in adjusting your security preferences to avoid this error.

If you don't want the current application changed by an applet, click Abort.