The linked document cannot be found in the view

What happened

You activated a link to a document that has been deleted, that has not yet been saved, or that cannot currently be located on an active HCL Domino® server. This message commonly appears for mail documents that you deleted from your mail file.

What you can do

To access a linked document, you must have access to both the server and application containing the source for the link.

  1. Select the link and choose Link > Properties.
    Tip: Use the arrow keys to select the link without launching it.
  2. Look at the Hint to determine the source server for the doclink.
  3. Check for availability of this server and retry.

If you are trying to link to a document that's contained in both a local and server-based application replica, you can make sure that Notes® searches the local replica first by using the Manage Replica Server List dialog box.

For more information, see To direct a replica to a new server.

If necessary, contact the author of the link to determine its status, and request the location of its source.