Comparing current and projected resource balances

After creating a proposal for balanced resources, compare the proposal against the current resource profile by reviewing the information on the Resource Balancing tabs.

The Available Databases and Current® Profile tabs display information about the current state of the servers. You can also look at the information in the first frame, which shows you the current and projected activity, and the targeted and achieved accuracy. The Recommended Plan and Projected Profile tabs, which are populated after you analyze current resources, display the distribution of resources after the plan is completed. The Resource Balancing view is on the Server - Performance tab of the Domino® Administrator. The four tabs provide the following information about the servers for which you want to balance resources:

  • Available Databases -- Lists the databases that are not pinned in the Master Pin List and are, therefore, available to be moved
  • Recommended Plan -- Shows the new source and proposed destination for the databases
  • Current® Profile -- Shows how the servers are currently balanced
  • Projected Profile -- Shows how the servers will be balanced after the plan is carried out

Evaluate the changes that are proposed during resource balancing. If you are not satisfied with the proposed changes, change the mix of servers or databases or adjust the specified tolerance level in the Server Profile Options dialog box. If you are happy with the proposal, then you are ready to submit the plan to the Domino® Change Manager.