Displaying additional statistics during resource balancing

You can change the statistic that displays on the current or projected profile chart so that you can view the balance of other types of database activity. By default, when you balance resources, the primary goal is the statistic that displays.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server > Performance tab and open the Resource Balancing view.
  2. Click the Filter button on the Available Databases tab.
  3. Select the statistic you want to display.
  4. Under Options, select one or more of the following. The defaults vary depending on the statistic.
    • Use Trended values -- to use trended statistics, instead of current statistics.
    • Use Prime Shift values -- to use statistics collected during the prime shift hours. Prime shift hours are specified in the Configuration Settings document when you set up Activity Trends.
    • Size in proportion to capacity -- to base statistics on server capacity. Server capacity is specified in the server properties.