Resource balancing in Activity Trends

Using resource balancing, you can balance selected resources, such as database transaction load and disk space, among a selected group of servers. You decide which databases are available to be relocated as part of the resource balancing. All system databases are automatically "pinned" and cannot be moved. You can pin other databases to prevent them from being moved.

In addition to balancing the resources of existing servers, you can create phantom servers to use for future planning. Each phantom server represents a new server that can be loaded with databases. Then you can evaluate the effect of adding a new server before you incur the expense of additional hardware.

The role you assign to a server affects the resource-balancing results.

  • Source Only -- These servers cannot have any databases moved to them.
  • Destination Only -- These servers cannot have any databases removed from them. A phantom server is a Destination Only server and cannot be changed.
  • Any -- These servers can have databases moved to or from them.