Understanding current and projected profile charts

To determine the proposed resource distribution, view the charts of trended statistics created by Activity Trends. The Resource Balancing view on the Server - Performance tab of the Domino® Administrator displays database activity for each server. The chart on the Current Profile tab represents the current server load. The chart on the Projected Profile tab shows how the servers will be rebalanced if the proposed plan is implemented.

The charts use light, medium, and heavy bins to show the distribution of user activity. Each bin represents a group of databases and their metric values. These bins reflect the "bin sizes" values specified in the Server Profile Options dialog box. View the distribution of activity before it is balanced (Current Profile), and then view it again to determine if your goals have been met. Resources that are not well balanced show a disproportionate amount of activity in the heavy bin. After resource balancing has been applied, the recommended distribution in bins should be relatively even across the servers, if your goals were achieved. The higher the accuracy of resource balancing, the more evenly activity is distributed.

How bin values are calculated

To understand how bin values are calculated, assume there are 20 databases, each with a varying number of transactions. Five is the lowest number of transactions on any database, and 420 is the highest number of transactions on the most active database. The total transactions per database is represented as follows:

5,5,10,10,15,25,25,50,75,100,120,125,140,150,250,300,310,350,400,420 = 2885 transactions

When you group these transactions based on the bin sizes designated in the Server Profile Options (30% light, 40% medium, and 30% heavy), the transactions are distributed as follows:

Light = 5,5,10,10,15,25,50,75,100,120,125,140,150 (14 databases account for 855 transactions; 865 is the target)

Middle = 250,300,310 (3 databases account for 860 transactions; 1154 is the target)

Heavy = 350,400,420 (3 databases account for 1170 transactions; 866 is the target).