Resource-balancing plans

The purpose of a resource-balancing plan is to move databases according to the set of criteria defined in the Server Profile Options. The plan is based on the analysis and proposal created during data exploration in Activity Trends. When a plan is first submitted to the Domino® Change Manager, the plan has draft status. By default, the person who submits the plan to the Domino® Change Manager is the author and has the Plan Creator role.

After the plan is submitted, it follows a prescribed course of submissions and approvals until the final plan is activated and then completed. The following flowchart shows the progression of a resource balancing plan from its original draft state through its completed, archived state.

Promoting a plan from one state to another, such as from drafted to prepared, can be made from within the plan document or from the Change Control database (DOMCHANGE.NSF).

The workflow for processing a plan submitted by Resource Balancing follows these steps:

  1. The author fully defines a plan by editing the draft plan.
  2. The author or a Change Administrator "prepares" the plan, thereby changing the plan's status to "prepared." The prepared state signals that the author is satisfied with the details of the plan and wants to have it executed.
  3. A Change Administrator reviews the details of the plan and makes any necessary changes, which are typically limited to adding or removing approvers. At this time a Change Administrator can cancel the plan or commit the plan to execution, subject to approval by various groups and roles.
  4. A committed plan is either approved or rejected by approvers. Approval must be unanimous for a plan to be approved. If one of the approvers is a group, only one member must approve the plan. If one approver rejects a plan, it passes into the rejected state. If no approvers are assigned, the plan automatically passes to the approved state.
  5. At any stage, a plan can be canceled. An author can cancel a plan prior to its prepared state. A Change Administrator can cancel a plan any time prior to completion. Canceled and rejected plans can be redrafted. Plans can be changed only in the draft state. If change to a plan is required, cancel or reject it, and then redraft the plan. A redrafted plan begins again in draft status.
  6. After a plan is approved (and is within the plan's optional start and end times for activation), it is moved to activated status. While the plan is in the activated state, a Change Administrator can put any part of the plan on hold.
  7. The activated plan runs to completion unless an error causes the plan to fail. If the plan fails, the Change Administrator can change the environment or the plan, and then retry it.