Creating a proposal for balanced resources

Based on the selections made in the Server Profile Options dialog box, you can balance resources for a server profile that you created.

About this task

During the resource-balancing process, it may take several attempts before databases are distributed in a way that you find acceptable. You may need to change source server or database selections. You can make these adjustments during this process to help make the analysis process run smoothly.

  • Pin and unpin databases depending on whether you want them moved during resource balancing.
  • Edit server properties or add a phantom server
  • Filter out servers and their databases that you do not want displayed on the Available Databases tab
  • Change the layout of the Activity Trends view on the Server > Performance tab of the Domino® Administrator

Create a proposal as follows:


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server > Performance tab.
  2. Under Activity Trends, click Resource Balancing.
  3. Choose a server profile.
  4. Click the Available Databases tab to display the list of databases that can be moved.
  5. Optional: To change the databases that are available for moving, select a database and click Pin or Unpin.
  6. Make sure that each server in the first frame has an arrow indicating its name. If there is a red (x) instead of an arrow, the server is not reporting its trended data. You must remove the server or make it a phantom server; otherwise, the Analyze button will be disabled and you will not be able to create a proposal.
  7. Check the server properties to make sure that the capacity of each server is weighted correctly.
  8. Click Analyze.
  9. When the analysis is complete, view the Recommended Plan and Project Profile.