With statement (LotusScript® Language)

Provides a shorthand notation for referring to members of an object.


With objectRef

[ statements ]

End With



An expression whose value refers to a user-defined object, a product object, or an OLE object.


The With statement lets you refer to the members of an object using a dot to represent the object name.

You can also use a dot outside of a With statement to represent the currently selected product object.

You cannot use a dot to refer to the selected product object in a With statement. LotusScript® assumes that any member preceded by a dot is a member of objectRef.

You can nest With statements up to 16 levels.

LotusScript® does not support entering a With statement using GoTo.

Reassigning the objectRef variable inside the With statement does not change the object referred to by the dot. However, any other operation reassigns the object. See the following example.