UString function (LotusScript® Language)

Returns a string of identical characters. You can specify the repeating character either by its Unicode numeric code, or as the first character in a string argument.


UString[$] ( stringLen , { charCode | stringExpr } )



A numeric expression whose value is the number of characters to put in the returned string. LotusScript® rounds stringLen to the nearest integer.


A numeric expression whose value specifies the Unicode numeric character code for the repeating character. LotusScript® rounds charCode to the nearest integer.

Unicode codes range from 0 through 65535 inclusive. The Uni function returns the Unicode code for a given character.


Any string expression. The first character in this string is the character to be used for the repeating character.

Return value

UString returns a Variant of DataType 8 (String). UString$ returns a String.


If the value of charCode is less than 0 or greater than 65535, the function returns an error.