Delete statement (LotusScript® Language)

Executes an object's Delete sub, if the sub exists, and then deletes the object.


Delete objRef



An object reference variable or Variant containing an object reference.


The Delete statement calls the Delete sub in the object's class definition (if one exists), and then sets all references to the object to NOTHING.

If the object's class is a derived class, LotusScript® executes the base class's Delete sub (if one exists) after executing the class's Delete sub.

For product objects, the interpretation of a Delete statement is up to the product. In some cases, for example, the Delete statement deletes the object reference, but not the object itself. A product may provide its own script mechanism for deleting the object. In Notes® Release 4, for example, you can use the Delete statement to delete an object reference to a Notes® database, but you use the NotesDatabase class Remove method to delete the database itself (an .nsf file).