LotusScript/REXX Integration

This appendix provides an overview of REXX integration in the LotusScript® language.

When you use LotusScript® in OS/2, you can use the LTSRXO10.DLL LSX to invoke applications written in the REXX (the OS/2 Procedures Language, 2/REXX). LotusScript® and REXX integration allows LotusScript® to send values to a REXX application and use REXX funtionality to manipulate the return value. When you use LotusScript® and REXX together, line items take the form of function-type calls. For example, you can execute a single REXX statement using REXXFunction or execute an external REXX command file with REXXCmd.

For complete information on REXX and LotusScript® integration, see the online help available when you are using LotusScript® in OS/2.