Month function (LotusScript® Language)

Returns the month of the year (an integer from 1 to 12) for a date/time argument.


Month ( dateExpr )



Any of the following kinds of expression:

  • A valid date/time string of String or Variant data type.

    For Notes® or Domino®, LotusScript® interprets a 2-digit designation of a year in a date/time string so that:

  • 50 through 99 represent the years 1950 through 1999.
  • 00 through 49 represent the years 2000 through 2049.

    For SmartSuite®, LotusScript® interprets the years differently. For more information, see the Year 2000 item on the Help menu of each SmartSuite® product.

  • A numeric expression whose value is a Variant of DataType 7 (Date/Time).
  • A number within the valid date range: the range -657434 (representing Jan 1, 100 AD) to 2958465 (Dec 31, 9999 AD), inclusive.
  • NULL.

Return value

Month returns an integer between 1 and 12.

The data type of the return value is a Variant of DataType 2 (Integer).

Month(NULL) returns NULL.