MidBP function (LotusScript® Language)

Extracts a number of bytes (using the platform-specified character set) from within another string, beginning at a specified position.


MidBP[$] ( expr , start [, length] )



Any numeric or String expression for MidBP; and any Variant or String expression for MidBP$. If expr is numeric, LotusScript® converts it to a string before performing the extraction.


The position of the first byte in expr that you want to return.


Optional. The number of characters you want to use from expr.

Return value

MidBP returns a Variant of DataType 8 (a String), and LeftBP$ returns a String.

If there are fewer than length bytes in the string beginning at the start position, or if you omit the length argument, the function returns a string consisting of the characters from start to to the end of expr.

If start is greater than the length in bytes of expr, the function returns an empty string.

If a double-byte character is divided, the character is not included.