Removing members from a group | HCL Digital Experience

Learn how to remove a member (a user or user group), from a user group.

About this task

A member can be a user or a user group. Removing members from a group does not delete them from HCL Portal.

Perform these steps to remove a member from a user group:


  1. Search for the required user group or click the All Portal User Groups link to get a list of groups.
  2. Select the required user group.
  3. Click the Remove icon for the user or group that you want to remove from the group. A dialog box warns that the selected user or group will be removed from this group.
  4. Click OK to save your changes, or Cancel to exit without saving your changes.
    Note: You can also use XMLAccess to remove multiple members from one group at one time. Contact your administrator for information about using XMLAccess to remove multiple users.