Configuring the Users and Groups portlet | HCL Digital Experience

You can configure the settings for the Manage Users and Groups portlet

About this task

The following configurations are possible depending on how the views are programmed and what access permissions a user has:
Table 1.
Type of configuration Portlet mode Description Portlet mode selection options
Administrator configuration config Changes made here affect all occurrences of the portlet on all pages for all users. The administration portlets allow you to create multiple copies of the same portlet with different administrator level configurations. Configure
Shared configuration edit_defaults Changes made here affect a particular occurrence of a portlet on a page and apply to all users who view the portlet on that page. Edit shared settings
Personal configuration personalize, view, help Changes made here are associated with a single user and apply only to that particular user who views the portlet on the page. Only that user can make that update. Personalize, View, Help


  1. Select the appropriate configuration mode; refer to the previous table for possible modes.
    Note: Changes made in the Edit Shared Settings mode override changes made in the Configure mode. For information about customizing the search refer to the Portal Search section.
  2. Enter the maximum number of items the search will return in the Never show more than this number of items: field.
  3. Enter the number of search result items to display on a page in the Number of items per page: field.
  4. Click OK to continue or Cancel to quit.
    To see updates, log out of the portal and then log back in.