Site development with Site Builder | HCL Digital Experience

Site Builder uses a set of wizards to guide users through the creation of Site Builder templates, and the creation of sites and sections by using those templates.

When you create or edit a template, you define default values for the site or section wizards. The user that is running the site or section wizard can change many of the default selections that you make. Communicate your intended use for content libraries, page templates, and so on, to the wizard users.
  • To access Site Builder open the applications menu and click Site Builder.

  • To create new site templates or section templates, click either Create Site Template or Create Section Template.

  • To customize a site or section template, you can use the Duplicate action on the landing page to make a copy first. Give your template a new name and title and then edit your version to set default values and add or remove pages. When you publish the template, anyone with access to Site Builder can use your template to quickly create or enhance their own websites.

  • To move templates from one virtual portal to another, use the Export action. Each virtual portal must have Web Content Manager and Site Builder installed.