Installation scenario walkthrough: installation of HCL VersionVault HCL Compass with Installation Manager from an HTTP server

These steps describe how to install HCL VersionVault HCL Compass from an HTTP server.

This procedure takes you through the steps for installing an HCL product from an HTTP server. It also provides pointers to supplemental information on various steps. Installing from an HTTP server requires using the IBM® Packaging Utility. The Packaging Utility is used to copy product packages to a repository that can be placed on a web server available over HTTP or HTTPS.

This procedure uses the following terminology:
  • HCL product refers to HCL VersionVault HCL Compass, unless otherwise specified.
  • Local computer refers to the computer where you install the product.
  • Admin computer refers to a computer that you use to create the repository through the IBM Packaging Utility.