Installation scenario walkthrough: silent installation of HCL VersionVault HCL Compass from a shared network drive

These steps describe how to silently install HCL VersionVault HCL Compass from a shared network drive.

This procedure takes you through the steps for installing a product using silent install and a shared network drive or remote file server. It also provides pointers to supplemental information on various steps. Steps to record a response file used for the silent install are provided. Recording a response file requires that Installation Manager be installed, but only on one computer.

This procedure uses the following terminology:
  • HCL product refers to HCL VersionVault HCL Compass, unless otherwise specified.
  • Local computer refers to the computer where you install the product.
  • Admin computer refers to a computer that you use to create the repository through the IBM® Packaging Utility software.
  • Shared network drive refers to a location on the network that is accessible by the local computer.