Prerequisites and changes for using HCL Compass

Starting with HCL Compass there are prerequisites and changes to the supported platforms.


For Oracle usage, the following libraries are a prerequisite for installing on Linux:

32 bit libgcc

For the full list of Oracle OS requirements, see Operating System Requirements for x86-64 Linux Platforms.

For DB2 prerequisites and support, 64 bit requirements, see the IBM Knowledge center Linux documentation.

Note: Both DB2 and Oracle require the latest 64-bit Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux (Linux-PAM)

Refer to the Oracle Operating System requirements for Operating System Requirements for Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-Bit).

Oracle Secure connections

The Oracle wallet must be configured on client and server. To configure a secure connection with Oracle Wallet, consult Oracle documentation. On the client, the following connect option is needed in the HCL Compass connection to the database(s):


The my_tns_svcname defines the secure service name on the client's tnsnames.ora..

To use secure connections, the environment where HCL Compass is running must not define the ORACLE_HOME Environment variable, unless it is defined to use the Oracle instant client embedded within the HCL Compass installation. The Oracle wallet must be available and needs to be defined in sqlnet.ora for the Oracle Instant Client, which is installed by HCL Compass.

Oracle connections now use Service Name, not SID

HCL Compass's embedded Oracle drivers now use the Oracle Service name to connect to the database. They do not use the SID as was previously the default.

You must use the service name only, unless you have defined your database to use SID as a servicename with the server side configuration in the servers listener.ora: USE_SID_AS_SERVICE_LISTENER = ON. If any connections currently use SID to connect, the connections need to be updated in the HCL Compass maintenance tool or the designer.