Configuring your environment after installing

After installing HCL Compass, there are series of tasks to perform to verify that the installation has completed successfully and to configure the installation for your site.

To determine what you must configure, review the decisions you made when Planning the deployment and installation.

Table 1. Post-upgrade workflow
Task Client and/or Server Information Comments
Windows™ checklist Client


Linux™ and UNIX™ systems checklists Client


Start servers to verify a successful upgrade Server Restart and verify servers
Upgrade feature levels Server Changing the feature level and metaschema version
Configure the features that are part of the feature level you have upgraded to Server Revisit the section, Decide on the feature level for schema repositories and databases to determine which features require configuration.
Configure HCL Compass Web server to use secure sockets ClientServer Configuring secure connections
Configure Reporting Server Reporting deployment configuration
Configure Full Text Search Server Full-text search configuration Optional task if your HCL Compass Web deployment includes the Full Text Search Server package.
Change data code pages Server Working with HCL Compass data code pages
Update database properties and connection information Server Setting database properties and connection information