Reporting on HCL Compass data sources

HCL Compass provides a flexible reporting solution to design and test reports with Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) that are configured with the Compass Reporting Driver. Users can share Compass reports with the Report Launcher for Compass Agile planning.

HCL Compass reporting features

HCL Compass reporting features in HCL Compass Web client and HCL Compass Client include the following features.

Support for data-pull and data-push reporting models
HCL Compass supports data-pull reporting with BIRT. The data-pull model pulls data from data sources that are configured in the reporting tool. The data-push model defines a report by specifying a query and a report format, both of which are stored in the HCL Compass user database.
HCL Compass Reporting Driver
The Compass Reporting Driver provides authenticated access to Compass data sources. The reporting driver partially implements the Java™ Database Connectivity (JDBC) API, which enables various reporting tools to access Compass data. The Reporting Driver is installed automatically with any Compass component. You must configure the reporting tools or environments that require access to Compass data with the Compass Reporting Driver. See Configuring the HCL Compass Reporting Driver.
Report Launcher for Compass
Report Launcher for HCL Compass is an installable server component and web interface that is included with Compass. Report Launcher enables reports to be shared on the server that is specified in the Report Launcher configuration file. The web interface provides a navigator to view and run reports on the file server. When you select a report, the report launcher starts the server runtime engine for the associated reporting tool: Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT). Results display in the report viewer for the reporting tool. You must install the Report Launcher on the same HCL Compass Web server where the reporting tool runtime application for your reporting environment is installed. See Deploying the Report Launcher for HCL Compass.

Changes in HCL Compass reporting environment

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) Report Designer are no longer installed with the HCL Compass Client
To design HCL Compass data-pull reports with BIRT, download and install BIRT reporting tools from the BIRT project. Then, configure them to use the HCL Compass Reporting Driver. See Configuring the HCL Compass Reporting Driver.