Configuring HCL Licensing

Licenses are required to run HCL Compass programs or use of the HCL Compass web client. The licenses for HCL Compass are managed on the HCL License Portal by the license administrator.

Before you begin

Managing License Entitlements

License entitlements are managed by the license administrator that uses the HCL License Portal. The license administrator needs to refer to the software order acknowledgment letter for instructions on how to access the portal. The letter will also describe how to create a cloud license server and how to add entitlements to it.

About this task

  • You have the software and followed the instructions in the software order acknowledgment letter for accessing the License & Delivery portal and activating your entitlements. The letter describes how to create a license server and how to add entitlements to it.
  • Java version 1.8 or later is installed, and the Java PATH environment variable is set. For more details, see the “Hardware, software, and database requirements? and “Reconfiguring HCL Compass to use a different JRE? topics.
  • IBM Installation Manager version 1.8.6 or later is installed.
Note: The products cannot be installed on the same system. Additionally, ClearQuest and HCL Compass, cannot share a load balancer across brands. You do not have to uninstall IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client or IBM Rational ClearTeam Explorer Extension.
Configuring Licensing in HCL Compass

During Installation

During the installation of HCL Compass, you are prompted for the information about your license server. In Installation Manager, on the HCL Licensing panel, in the HCL Licensing section, you are prompted to enter your license server URL into the License Server URL field and your license server ID into the License Server ID field. Your HCL Compass administrator must provide these values to you. Note that the license server settings are shared with both VersionVault and Compass.