HCL Commerce Version or later

The Must-Gather application

The Must-Gather application helps collect troubleshooting information required to resolve HCL Commerce issues.

Important: This application can be used only when HCL Commerce is deployed on Kubernetes. For more details on how to deploy HCL Commerce on Kubernetes, refer to Deploying HCL Commerce Version 9.1 on Kubernetes.
Must-Gather performs the following functions:
  • Collecting traditional log and trace information from each application at a node level.
  • Aggregating all configurations related to any application.
  • Capturing traces at the request level.

Each enabled application pushes its own log and tracing information into Elasticsearch​. The Must-Gather application then picks up this data from Elasticsearch and bundles it into an archive file.

If an application provides a service endpoint for returning all configuration data for troubleshooting​, then the Must-Gather application pulls the data from these endpoints and bundles it into an archive file.